So RunRev wants more of my money- what has been fixed?

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at
Wed Oct 12 00:14:37 EDT 2011

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:58 PM, Admin <admin at> wrote:

> OK. So now they added a bit of graphics power and updated IOS a
> bit. Now they want hundreds more of my money.
> Has Android progressed
> at all? I mean, really, at all? Now I have to spend tons of money to get
> what I already paid for that has not worked yet fully?
> Has web been
> fixed at all? No, of course not. Will it ever? Will I actually receive a
> working copy of web deployment without spending hundreds more? It sounds
> like I will HAVE TO upgrade to 5.0 if they ever do come out with these
> fixes.
> Really. I bought into Live Code with the promise of
> cross-development. So far, I have lost a major client due to
> cross-deployment not working AT ALL on what I consider a simple database
> program.
> I will not spend any more money on LiveCode until these
> things have been addressed.
> What sucks is, I really like LiveCode. I
> waited for a long time to buy it and then a good deal (and some money in
> my pocket) presented itself.
> To say I was let down is an
> understatement. I lost my primary mode of income because the web
> deployment module, which supposedly worked, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DID
> I feel screwed - and now, like so many other companies, they
> want more money for a new version without fixing or finishing the
> previous version problems and promises.
> Nope. Not going to do it.
> Fact is, I bought Rad PHP EX2 from Embarcadero for $300 and it can
> deploy to almost anything because it compiles to AJAX, Air, Flex and
> HTML5 - and it is very graphically oriented and OOP.
> Granted, if I
> wanted to purchase Delphi or their version of the complete coding
> collection, it would cost in the thousands. However, I feel Rad PHP is
> enough to get done what I wanted to do in LiveCode.
> It sucks, because
> I was beginning to really 'get' LiveCode, and I was really enjoying
> learning it, but I am officially done.
> Some will say I did not give
> LiveCode a chance. However, I lost a client because web deployment was
> broken - a very big client that was paying me very good money for
> creating their database systems.
> I went from PHP and MySQL to LiveCode
> because of the lure of cross deployment. It was a serious mistake and
> the damage is done.
> Now 5.0 is released and I see no progress AT ALL
> to Android and Web - the two reasons I went with Live Code.
> Does
> anyone else feel the same way or am I alone feeling like this? Are you
> all really ok with doling out cash because a new version a 3 or 4
> features have been added. I would change my tune if a long
> list of
> fixes - specifically to Android and Web - were also presented.
> TBH, it
> is STUPID of RunRev to offer a deployment option that is broken -
> without any ETA of a fix or working version.
> Very said indeed.
> Mike

You are not alone in your disappointment regarding Android, Linux, 64-bit,
web player.  Every release has stated "no changes" in the release notes for
Android.  Why even bother to have release notes for anything but iOS?

Kevin said a few weeks ago that feature parity would happen "blingingly
fast", and I am still waiting to see the bright light.  I haven't lost all
hope yet, and I've been using HyperCard, MetaCard, Revolution, and now
LiveCode for 20 years, so I really do love the language.  But...

What else can we do?  We wait, or we learn another tool.  The waiting is
getting old.


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