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René Micout rene.micout at numericable.com
Tue Oct 11 10:30:09 EDT 2011

Hello Malte,
I purchase LC 5 (with AE 5) but where is AE5 ?
Thank you

Le 11 oct. 2011 à 13:17, Malte Brill a écrit :

> Hi all!
> Now that the cat is out of the back regarding liveCode 5, I would like to take the chance to also announce something. The brand new polished animationEngine 5!
> We have been working hard to make this release perform better than what you are used to, taking advantage of quite some new features of the new liveCode engine. This does mean, that for animationEngine 5, liveCode 5 or higher will be a requirement. However, you can trust me, it is well worth it! Here is a short list of what is new in ae 5:
> Version 5 of animationEngine has been optimized to work with the liveCode 5.0 engines and above. As I wrote earlier, previous versions of the liveCode engine can no longer be supported. This is due to the rewrite of the graphics layer in liveCode. A feature we at derbrill were most eager to learn about and are very fond of. Due to the new rendering techniques in liveCode many of the ae functionality will perform even better than before, quite some of what happens under the hood has been optimized to take advantage of the new message handling introduced in liveCode 4.6.4. If you haven't upgraded your liveCode license as yet and are looking into writing games or do stacks that involve animations, now is the time to get the most current liveCode engine.
> Generic collision listener:
> We have implemented a means to make controls listen to collisions with numerous other objects in your stack. You can start or stop listening for collisions at any time. ae will send callback messages to the colliding controls. This will also work for objects you are dragging around with the ae constraining handlers. No need to write lengthy scripts to check for collisions. Just set up your objects and let ae handle the rest.
> App store compliance:
> We have taken care that animationEngine behaves like a nice citizen in the various app stores. AE will not write any information on the users device. 
> Better performance on mobile devices: We put stress into rewriting core parts of AE to perform even better on mobile devices. Previous versions of animationEngine behaved differently on the desktop and mobile devices. In order to use the library on a mobile device, you had to start using it in a startUp handler. This limitation has been lifted.
> No extra registration necessary:
> If you have purchased animationEngine in the runrev store, your license will be added to your account. Just relicense liveCode after your purchase and animationEngine will go from trial mode into full registered mode on any machine you are using your liveCode license.
> The best part: animationEngine 5 will be free with every liveCode 5 purchase made in october!
> If you want to upgrade your animationEngine 4 license to animationEngine 5, the price will be USD 39. Regular purchase price is USD 79.
> I hope people using ae5 will enjoy it as much, as I enjoyed writing it. :-)
> All the best,
> Malte
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