LiveCode 5.0 Released

Heather Nagey heather at
Tue Oct 11 06:58:03 EDT 2011

Dear List Folks,

I’m pleased to announce that LiveCode 5 has just been released.  Our  
servers have been updated with the new product and it is available for  
download from your accounts, if you have a valid 5.0 license. To log  
in to your account go here:

If you don't have an up to date 5.0 license, here's why you might want  
to get one:

• Fastest Ever App Performance
     10X faster rendering performance than previous versions means  
LiveCode built apps are faster and better than ever. Applications  
already written in LiveCode can take advantage of the hardware  
acceleration without rewriting your code.
• High-Performance Graphics Engine
     Make great games or smoother, slicker apps than ever before with  
LiveCode 5.0. LiveCode now utilizes graphics hardware acceleration and  
OpenGL, animated sprites, textures and scrolling backgrounds,  
collision detection, vector graphics in popular formats, drop shadows,  
transition effects, multi-channel audio and video to make your apps  
stand out from the crowd.
• Support for iOS 5
     Up to the minute app development with support for iOS 5.
• In App Purchases
     Make more money with your apps – even free apps! In app  
purchasing accounts for 72% of all revenue for the iPhone apps that  
include it! Access this revenue now with LiveCode 5.0.
• Last but not least, we're giving away a free copy of the newly  
optimized and excellent animationEngine with every LiveCode purchase  
during October. This includes upgrades and platform addons as well as  
new licenses.

Learn more here:

Upgrade options:

You can upgrade just one deployment option, or all deployment options,  
from within your account.

For Commercial Customers:
For the first time ever we’re offering an excellent deal with this  
upgrade to get a complete license. For the heavily discounted upgrade  
price of only $749 yearly you can get access to every commercial  
deployment option as well as the LiveCode developer program. Plus,  
you’ll get the peace of mind that you’ll get every update and new  
deployment option that we release during the year included in your  
annual cost.

You can find more details in the ‘Upgrade to Complete’ tab in your  

Visit our store here:

We're really looking forward to see the killer apps you will make with  
this new best ever version of LiveCode. Happy LiveCoding!

Warm Regards,


Heather Nagey
Customer Services Manager
LiveCode - Unleash Your Killer App

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