Another examples of the screen refresh problem on the Mac?

Ken Ray kray at
Mon Oct 10 18:18:01 EDT 2011

On Oct 10, 2011, at 2:22 PM, James Hurley wrote:

> I suspect this is a problem peculiar to the Mac.
> When I run:
>   set the lockmoves to true
>   move grc "Oval" to tPoints without waiting 
>   move grc "rectangle" to tNewPoints without waiting 
>   set the lockmoves to false
> The oval moves reasonably smoothly, but the rectangle take several abrupt steps.
> Is this another manifestation of the screen refresh problem on the Mac? Normally I intersperse a "unlock screen" command to force a screen refresh, but I can't do that with the "move" command.

Jim, I'm not seeing that on my Mac (I'm running Lion if that makes any difference, and LC 4.6.4). Does either your oval or rectangle have graphic effects applied to it? Perhaps something like that is slowing down redraw…

Just to compare, here's what I did:

1) Created a new stack, made the window like 1024x768 (approximately.
2) Created an oval graphic in the upper-left corner of the window
3) Create a rectangle graphic just underneath it
4) Dragged a button to the lower-right corner of the window
5) Dragged a button to the lower-left corner of the window and edited its script to read:

on mouseUp
   lock moves
   move grc 1 to the loc of btn 1 without waiting
   move grc 2 to the loc of btn 1 without waiting
   unlock moves
end mouseUp

Switched to browse, and then executed it - the movements were smooth and no jerkiness. Since I don't know what values you have in tPoints or tNewPoints, maybe you can try what I did and see if you get the same result? If so, then it might be the number of points or something else related to properties of the graphics themselves.

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