Object naming conventions

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It's a great question, but the last time this was asked on the list I think the discussion went on for three lifetimes (in use-livecode list years) on what exactly should be the standard to use.  It seems there's more and different naming conventions in the world than Tim Hortons has served cups of coffee, so if you are trying to automate layout based on what others use you're likely to discover the meaning of life, the universe and everything before completing half of it ;-)

Richard Gaskin's article is a great start, and I think that most of us that have coded for a number of years have done something similar.  Personally I think there are really only three things one needs to follow;

1. Don't worry about what others do, just name everything in a format that really makes sense to you and your team today, and in the future.
2. Keep the names as short and uncomplicated as possible.
3. Write down what your naming convention standards are so that others can refer to it, and check those standards with your team on a regular basis to make sure it continues to work for them.

Naming is only a way of better understanding what somebody was trying to do in their script, and that somebody is likely you in the future !!  So, don't forget comments which are as important but generally considered as kindergarden practice by self proclaimed expert scripters ;-)

best, Bob...

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> I vaguely remember a thread on this topic a while back.  I'm interested in
> what naming conventions people have for stacks/cards/controls, if any.
> This is in connection with a project I'm working on to automate laying out
> controls on a card.  I'm currently using a naming convention of my own but
> I'd like to provide a way for other conventions to be used, in particular
> the use of prefix or suffix characters in names of different types of
> objects.
> Any input is most welcome.
> Pete
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