Evaluation of complex conditions

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Oct 6 17:38:32 EDT 2011

Pete wrote:

> I wrote a couple of functions (condition1 and condition2), each of which
> puts its identity after a script variable named myResult then returns true.
>  I then wrote the following:
> put empty into myResult
> if condition1() is true and condition2() is true then put myResult
> As expected, this displayed 12 in the message box.
> Then I changed the if statement to :
> if condition1() is true and (condition2() is true) then put myResult
> The message box still ended up with 12 in it, not 21 as you would expect if
> the parens had any effect.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding something but it
> doesn't seem like parens have any effect on the order of evaluation.

Parens only affect things within them.  They work much like algebra in 
that regard.

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