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Hi Alejandro,

I am still quite busy adding features and structural changes to a CBT system I 
wrote in 2003-05. Most recently we are creating a web version of the content 
delivery part, to free users from having to install software on their computers 
before taking training.

If you have never done this before, you need to be clear on some things.

I think there are basically two approaches:

Approach #1

  * take some training content and embody it in LC stacks
  * add code to navigate, collect data, present/print results
  * make it into a standalone
  * deliver it

Approach #2

  * create an app that lets others make training content modules
  * create an app that lets others run the training content modules they made

Which way do you plan to go? You can see there are trade-offs, which always boil 
down to time and money. #1 may take less time but has a shorter life span. 
However you can probably extend its life by 'pouring new content into the shell' 
to make new training.  #2 can give greater benefit & return over time but costs 
more up front.

Whichever approach you take, you will need to resolve design questions like:

  * what purposes (and WHOSE purposes) are being served by the training? This
    answer will guide some of your other choices. Legal/policy compliance?
    Career enhancement?
  * how will training results be used? This tells you whether trainee response
    data (and which data) need to be saved in a file or DB, summarized,
    evaluated for correctness, formatted for printing on a certificate, etc.
  * will training be self-administered (done at home, for example) or
    administered by someone other than the trainee (like in a classroom)? This
    helps you know how much student tracking info to store.
  * how secure does the stored data need to be? Who should have access to it?

And specifically in the training:

  * navigation
      o how and where does a trainee start out?
      o how does the trainee go through the training?
      o how and when can the trainee get out of the training?
      o can training be exited without finishing, and resumed later? If so, how
        does that all work?
  * data collection & storage
      o what will be collected - login info, screens viewed, test scores, other
        user input?
      o when it will be collected
      o where & in what form it will be stored

These are just some thoughts that occur to me. Hope it's helpful at some level.

Phil Davis

On 10/5/11 6:59 AM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi All,
> How many LiveCode developers are working
> in Computer based training used only for Job
> training using LiveCode?
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-learning#Computer-based_training
> I have been asked for some budget estimated:
> http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/budget-estimate.html
> by potential clients and would like to know the range of cost and
> any hidden gotchas while developing these particular kind of software.
> In theory, this is a very straightforward kind of software, but
> I am sure that exists certain particularities about which I am
> not fully aware.
> For example:
> How long should I support this software? Months or Years?
> How much should add to total cost, a version
> for different Operating system?
> What is the limit to the number of revisions that I should
> make to a CBT program, before billing as a whole new
> software?
> There are other very important questions that do not
> cross my mind in this moment, so i would be really grateful
> if you could include them in your answer to this message.
> Thanks in advance!
> Al
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