iOS file management/distro (new iPhone 4s)

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Oct 5 20:57:20 EDT 2011


Chipp, I'm going to share this with you and anyone else in case it may 
be useful. Having a firm conviction that I should ultimately control any 
hardware I purchase, and also interested in potential bottlenecks of 
Apple's distribution system, I searched some time ago and saw this:

Not an inspiring name I know, but it looks promising, and includes app 
install abilities, perhaps the ability to install apps without official 
blessing and without jailbreaking, if I understand the description. If 
so, it might be useful in some scenarios, technically that is. (Terms 
could be another matter.)

Here's another notable software for file management:

Disclaimer: Haven't had time to test either of these yet.

Best wishes,



> Altuit has tried unsuccessfully for the past 60 days to purchase an enterprise license. Apple has required our company to submit a D&B rating, then they've asked for our Articles of Incorporation. We've been stuck there for quite awhile. I'm told there is also an interview process where you are grilled about the application you're designing.
> We've decided to finally give up and let's just require all agents to use Androids. The requirements application for developing Enterprise apps for Androids are... ZIP. Just develop, compile, and away you go. So, I guess it does matter to some.
> Chipp Walters
> CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc

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