revCopyFile progress window not showing in front

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Oct 5 17:40:07 EDT 2011

Hi Stephen,

The docs are wrong. RevCopyFile uses AppleScript, not the shell, on Mac OS X.

Best regards,

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On 5 okt 2011, at 23:21, stephen barncard wrote:

> Thanks Mark. See below.
> On 5 October 2011 13:07, Mark Schonewille
> <m.schonewille at>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I believe this progress indicator shouldn't be visible at all. It is
>> AppleScript and in my view it isn't done very well. The progress indicator
>> you see is part of the Finder, not LiveCode.
> Mark, it's not applescript (fortunately) any more except for OS 9 which is
> no longer supported by Rev.
> From the docs:
> On Mac OS systems, it uses AppleScript; on OS X, Windows and Unix systems,
> it uses the shell function.
> I didn't know this either until I read the docs.
> And I *really did* see it, lurking behind.  It's incredibly fast, which
> Applescript is not and why I'd rather not 'roll my own' - which could be
> slower. Also  I don't think read and write commands handle resource forks or
> packages properly. And yes I know it's NOT a livecode routine, but as it's
> a shell call - it should have some option for this. I'm calling it a bug
> for now.
> This stack takes a list of files by file suffix (using Ben's non-recursive
> file and folder walker), does a second managed pass and creates categorical
> folders named by the suffix chosen, then moves the chosen files to the
> folders. Incredibly fast. Works great except for the progress dialog that
> hides.
> It's a great progress indicator and only shows on bigger file transfers.
> Small ones don't show. As it should be.
> I created this to try and clean up folders of misc crap on my
> desktop<>and doing this
> by hand was tedious and inaccurate.
> the UI is funky but hey, it's made for me....
> thanks
> is this thing useful to anyone else, BTW?
> sqb

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