new iPhone 4s

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Wed Oct 5 13:03:11 EDT 2011

I agree with you mostly, except being an IT guy, I know how easily people attribute any problems that arise to "the network" or to "the IT guy" and they do not need any real hard empirical data to back it up. They just "know". 

So let's say Apple allows apps outside their app store to be installed and used. Suddenly Joe Shmo's battery is running down in 4 hours. Suzy Shmo installs another app and next day all her contacts are getting spammed to death, and she cannot log into her bank account anymore because the password changed. All of a sudden the iPhone sucks. In their early days that would have been fatal. 

I am dealing now with a laptop that is extremely slow. I allowed the end user to be an admin with the promise he would not install software that was not absolutely necessary, and from a reputable source. I now discover he has a bit torrent client and a free movie downloader, and the disk is almost full. 

Freedom comes at a price, especially if the freeman has no compunction towards wisdom. 


On Oct 5, 2011, at 7:31 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> You can have a
> curated market and still allow your users to install whatever they want.

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