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I have an iPad and Droid X. The Droid is multi processing. The iPad runs
only one app at a time (or so it seems). I was out in the back country
snowmobiling using the droid to map and track my location over a PDF of the
trail map. Listening to Pandora via 3g and mp3s to my Bluetooth speaker.
Taking pictures. All at the same time! I also Googled once and made a phone
call or two. Sent an email and accessed my desktop at home when a customer
called. The Mapping program ran and tracked my location at all times. I have
32gigs of sdcard memory and keep 2-4 full length 720p movies onboard at all
times. Great for a road trips! Get to the hotel and connect up the HDMI
cable to the hotel TV and your good-to-go for sdcard or streaming video or
reviewing pictures. The Android is an amazing computer. 1 battery(high
capacity to be fair) lasts ~8-10 Hours during the snowmobile outings. I
always carry a spare battery and can change it at will.

IPhones and iPads are REALLY cool devices, but the Android is just plain

Ralph DiMola
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Apple iPhone 4s-- ugh. All psyched up about the iPhone 5, and Apple lays
this turd. So disappointing. Jeez, didn't take them long to screw things up
now that Jobs is gone.

Now, I'm considering upgrading my iPhone 4 to Android. Anyone have
experience with both and can offer advice?

Chipp Walters
CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc.
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