Setting visible of control within group to false

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Me neither. I made three buttons  (B1, B2, B3) and grouped them into group "grp1".

This in another button script:

on mouseup
set the visible of btn "b2" to "false"
answer the owner of btn "b2"
end mouseUp

I get "group grp1".  LC 4.5.3.

Craig Newman

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Are you sure the control gets physically placed outside the group?  Are you
using any scripts to manipulate object layers?

Doing a quick test here with a single object in a group, I don't see your
result (v4.6.4). The rect of a group does indeed "collapse" to encompass
only its visible contents, but the hidden object/s should continue to remain
part of the group.  If you're seeing something else, it would be good know
what the circumstances are.


Scott Rossi
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Recently, James Hurley wrote:

> Is this supposed to happen? When I set the visible of a control within a group
> to false, it is removed from the group.
> As a work-around I find that if I include a rectangle that  physically
> encompasses everything in the group and THEN set the visible of a control
> within the rectangle to false, it remains in the group.
> Jim 

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