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On 10/1/11 4:38 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> So I am trying to understand what "me" references.
> In order for there to be a scrollbar of a group of "me" , "me" would
> have to refer to a card
> or "bigger" parent group, or stack.
> Did I get that right?

You can think of behaviors as private backscripts for an object. For 
every object that has a behavior assigned, "me" refers to the object 
itself. So a button's behavior script that uses "me" would refer to that 
button. The beauty is, "me" will refer independently to every button 
that uses that behavior. "Me" in button 1 will mean button "Dog", where 
the same behavior assigned to button 2 will mean, say, button "Cat".

It works like you copied the same script into each button.

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