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>> Better go for a mouseDown rather than a mouseUp, as the punter (whoops,
>> "end-user")
>> might slide their pointer off the control when they change their mind.
>> I just mocked up a stack containing a slider and a fld "fTOUCH" and put
>> this into
>> the script of the slider:
>> on mouseDown
>>     "put "Touched Me!" into fld "fTOUCH"
>> end mouseDown
>> rocket-science it ain't . . .  :)
> Yes, I know how to record the mouse downs, etc, in variables or fields, but I was hoping to be able to make a visible change in the slider to alert the user to those that had been responded to and those that had not.
> In the past I have had checkmarks appear next to the slider to indicate that it was used, but I was wondering if something could be incorporated into the slider itself (e.g. color)

Well, I just mucked around with a scrollbar and none of the colours show up.

HOWEVER, you can set the Graphic Effect "Outer Glow" . . .  :)

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