novice question re "marked" and customkeys

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I think Tim wants many different and independent "marked" functions. The native marking system includes the abilities that are missing in using custom properties, say.

But maybe a slight change in usage would work. Since "go next marked card" is something the engine understands and manages, why not task the engine by using:




These commands now can trigger custom handlers, with identical functionality, by checking custom properties (the "barked") of the cards. It is just a matter of using one long command instead of the native compound command. Needs a loop, and speed might be an issue, of course. But at least these things can become a natural part of your thinking, and extend the language.

Craig Newman

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Hey dudes,

The "marked" property is so easy to use. "go next marked" and "unmark all cards" 
are so fast and foolproof! Very handy.

I'm wondering if I can somehow define my own versions of "marked"

E.g., in a hypothetical stack, the "marked" of cards 3, 10, 22 and 99 is "true"

I somehow define my own properties, like "barked" and "darked"

In the same hypothetical stack, the "barked" of cards 1,2, 3 and 4 is "true"

the "darked" of cards 2,4,6,8 and 99 is "true"

Somehow I could "go next barked" or "go next darked" just as fast and easy as I 
could "go next marked"

In this perfect world, I could "unbark" or "undark" all cards as easily as I 
could unmark them.

I suspect this isn't really possible. I suspect the closest equivalent would be 
to use customkeys and repeat loops, to find the next card with a certain value 
of a certain customkey, and so on. I suspect this would be somewhat slower than 
"go next marked" or "unmark all"

The marked of a card resembles a customkey, but I suspect it works differently. 

Is it possible to "go next" to a card with a certain value of a certain 
customKey? Or is it necessary to use a repeat loop to inspect the each card 
until I encounter the customKey and value I want?

Is it possible to "set the poodleNose of all cards to empty"? I suspect not.

Am I getting this right? Am I missing anything important?

Thanks in advance,

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