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Todd, you haven't checked out  'RevIgniter'?

works on Rev Server. Awesome, by Ralf Bitter.

great docs, too

On 29 March 2011 18:25, Todd Geist <todd at> wrote:

> Hello
> I am on to exploring the C in MVC, the "Controller".
> I have used a few web Frameworks that were highly event driven. These
> frameworks often had some sort of Main Controller that would catch all User
> actions and some system events and give you an nice easy way to organize
> these, so your code wouldn't turn into a mess of spaghetti with events
> flying all over the place.
> It also keeps things loosely coupled.  When a user clicks a button an event
> is emitted that is caught by the controller.  The controller does something
> with that event like querying a DB or closing a window, and it might update
> the State of the application, which if all goes according to plan updates
> the UI (or View).
> It occurs to me that LiveCode with its message path might be a nice fit for
> this kind of architecture.  I was thinking putting the Controller in a back
> script, and seeing where that leads me. But it occurs to me that you could
> really put it anywhere as long as the messages you send are pointed at the
> object.
> Has anyone messed around with the concept?  Is it useful?  Or is over
> engineering?
> Thanks for your input
> Todd
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