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Todd Geist todd at
Tue Mar 29 21:25:15 EDT 2011


I am on to exploring the C in MVC, the "Controller".

I have used a few web Frameworks that were highly event driven. These
frameworks often had some sort of Main Controller that would catch all User
actions and some system events and give you an nice easy way to organize
these, so your code wouldn't turn into a mess of spaghetti with events
flying all over the place.

It also keeps things loosely coupled.  When a user clicks a button an event
is emitted that is caught by the controller.  The controller does something
with that event like querying a DB or closing a window, and it might update
the State of the application, which if all goes according to plan updates
the UI (or View).

It occurs to me that LiveCode with its message path might be a nice fit for
this kind of architecture.  I was thinking putting the Controller in a back
script, and seeing where that leads me. But it occurs to me that you could
really put it anywhere as long as the messages you send are pointed at the

Has anyone messed around with the concept?  Is it useful?  Or is over

Thanks for your input


Todd Geist
geist interactive <>

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