lines of UFT16 text are broken?

Kee Nethery kee at
Tue Mar 29 21:04:06 EDT 2011

I convert UFT8 text into UTF16 and then work through each line of text.

The problem I run into is that on my Intel Mac, (bigendian), a return is encoded as "10 0" and if I have a set of characters 
uniencode("123" & return & "456") 
it encodes into UTF16 as the bytes:
49 0 50 0 51 0_10_0_52 0 53 0 54 0

When I look at line 1 I get:
49 0 50 0 51 0_

When I look at line 2 I get:
_0_52 0 53 0 54 0

The 0 from the return (actually a linefeed) being interpreted as part of the next line. "10 0" is not the line break, "10" is the line break.

How do I get it to break at "10 0" instead of at "10"? My fear is that I'm going to come across a unicode character that includes "10" in the right location, kind of like "32 10" (no clue what that is) and the system is going to see the "10" and deal with it as the divider between two lines.

How do people deal with this? Do I need to build a UTF16 version of all the text parsing routines to safely get each line?

Kee Nethery

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