Tab panels

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Fri Mar 25 13:11:34 EDT 2011

I prefer the tab panel to the drop down menus. The choices are always  

But I have a problem. If a particular tab is selected, it will no  
longer respond to a menuPick message.

Normally this is not a problem, but I am using the panel to select  
lines or sentences from a long text document and returning a list of  
lines or sentences in which a given set of words appear, all  
sentences for which the words "disorder microcount entropy" appear,  
for example.

The word choices are entered into a field which the tab panel script  
picks up.

Works great for the first choice, but if I change the word selection,  
I cannot select the same panel item  since it is already selected.

In summary, is there any way to force the tab panel to receive a  
second menupick message when it is already selected?

I am thinking of building my own tab panel by grouping regular buttons.


Jim Hurley

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