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Hi Zryip,

> On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 8:58 PM, Klaus on-rev <klaus at> wrote:
>> Hi friends,
> Hi Klaus,
>> is it possible to create a datagrid FORM that can act like 2 or more
>> independant "clickable" "Cells?" (separate row "wannabees") in one row?
> Yes
>> Know what I mean? Something like this mockup:
>> <>
>> Any hints, tricks, hacks welcome :-)
> A possible way is to edit the template of the dg form for adding
> severals buttons or images controls, acting as "cells".
> In the row behavior you should have 2 main handlers:
> 1. Fillindata for displaying the corresponding data for the cell
> ...

I finally got it so far, thankls a lot!

And I fake the "hiliting" of a "cell" by setting the opaque of an underlying button to true.
This works fine in every row.

But I have ni idea how to "unhilite" the last "cell" when the user click into another row!?
Know what I mean?

I am sure I can do this with "on selectionchanged tNewRow,tOldRow" in the datagrid 
script somehow, but I have no idea of the snytax to address objects in the "tOldRow" row.

Any hints very welcome!

> Best,
> -- 
> -Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)



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