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My experience with combo boxes is that they are weird beasts and the documentation is, as you say, sadly lacking.  In scripts they sometimes report themselves as fields and sometimes as buttons and of course they are both but I had a hell of a time figuring out when they reported themselves as one or the other.  I ended up rolling my own - at least that way I knew how it worked!

Pete Haworth

On Mar 20, 2011, at 6:38 PM, Kee Nethery wrote:

> Thanks Terry,
> Actually I'm at the point of one step forward two steps back.
> I appear to be unable to put the return delimited list into the combobox more than a couple of times. I've tried all of these variations of the script to alter the combobox text:
> put theList into me
> put theList into button "myComboBox"
> put theList into field "myComboBox" of button "myComboBox"
> put theList into field "myComboBox"
> I can get one or two inserts (I type different things into the combobox) before the whole stack crashes and the apple "Problem Report for LiveCode" appears.
> ----
> When I can get the combobox data to get updated, the following scripts don't leave the text selected (the data in the combobox is for these examples always more than 5 characters in length):
> select char 2 to 5 of me
> select char 2 to 5 of button "myComboBox"
> select char 2 to 5 of field "myComboBox"
> select char 2 to 5 of field "myComboBox" of button "myComboBox"
> select char 2 to 5 of the label of me
> select char 2 to 5 of fld 0 of me   <-- not sure what "fld 0" is in a button but tried it anyway
> Thank you for your suggestions. 
> The only example I'd seen of changing a combobox contents is in the font portion of the inspector but I'm not sure how to access that code to see what they are doing, how exactly they are referring to that content.
> The documentation has almost nothing about combo boxes. There is something different about them.
> Kee
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