Presenting with LiveCode instead of PowerPoint/Keynote

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Mar 18 12:05:10 EDT 2011

On 3/18/11 7:38 AM, Keith Clarke wrote:
> Hi folks, Given LiveCode's multimedia power, I want to move from
> presenting purely conceptual ideas in PowerPoint/Keynote to using
> LiveCode as - a container for concepts together with real moving
> parts from my evolving application as development progresses.
> I'm thinking more along the lines of some of the RunRev Live 09
> session than a full-blown, full self-running 'kiosk' experience.
> Are there any tutorials, example stacks or resources to help get
> started in the right way - or is this an area where everyone tends to
> create their own personal tool-belt from scratch?

It's so dead-simple that I don't think it needs a tutorial. You just 
create one card per "slide" and then add a "go next" button or a handler 
to catch a keystroke that goes to the next card. That's about it.

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