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On 15/03/11 10:46 AM, "David Bovill" <david at> wrote:

> Before I delve in and fiddle around - does anyone know the ins and outs of
> opening OSX packages with an app. AFAIK an apple event is sent when you open
> a file, and you can trap for that. Also you register somehow the package
> file extension with an app - so that double clicking on it would open it.
> Putting the two together you should be able to get LiveCode to process the
> contents of the package when you double click on it?
> Any pointers?

If you turn record in the Applescript editor and then double-click a package
file then it seems as if Applescript treats packages just the same as
ordinary files. However, packages (.pkg) are automatically opened in the
Installer app so if you want to deal with them from LiveCode I think you'd
need to change the file extension and change LiveCode's (or your app's)
plist settings so that you and not the Installer own it.

The other option is to simply 'launch' the package from within Livecode
rather than having the user double-click the package in the Finder.



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