Menu font sizes

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at
Mon Mar 14 01:16:23 EDT 2011

> From: edward cawley
> Still having a problem. How do I increase the font size on 
> the Windows standalone. It's reduced to a very small font-6? 
> on the menubar line on the windows standalone. I can't see 
> anywhere to change it? 

That cropped up for me, all of a sudden once. I never figured out what made
it happen. It seems to me that it went from an unspecified state, in which
it used the normal Windows default, to a specified state with the wrong
value. But I never specified the menu font size.

Rather than specify the "correct" font size, which may not agree with what
the user set up in the desktop properties, I'd rather get back the original
behavior of just letting Windows set the font size. Anyone have any ideas
how to do that?


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