How to configure RevServer support on Ubuntu Linux VPS under Plesk

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Sun Mar 13 09:18:01 EDT 2011

Hi folks,
Buoyed by the success of getting revServer configured on my home OSX Server machine, I've now replaced my company's ageing VPS with a new Ubuntu/Plesk-10 environment and am writing-up my configuration travails by way of a how-to for others.

As I expected, it hasn't worked first (or seventeenth!) time, as I've discovered new challenges, such as dealing with 64-bit Linux with no default 32-bit libraries and Plesk's Apache management idiosyncrasies. 

Still, I think I'm nearly there but just need some help from the Linux experts here to cross the finish line and finalise this how-to document for others to reference

So, Linux cognoscenti, who can spot the mistake? ;-)



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