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Bob Sneidar bobs at
Sat Mar 12 17:03:43 EST 2011

There you go. I think that is the ticket. 


On Mar 11, 2011, at 10:46 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 3/11/11 11:07 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
>> That would work I guess. Since it's true I have the image in my
>> LiveCode stack, should I employ some of the methodology for scaling
>> graphics in LiveCode on the original image itself? The Button icon
>> should then follow suit eh? I will explore later.
> Right. The button icon will be whatever size its source image is, so if you want to use it with a smaller button, scale the image in your stack, not the button.
> You can set the lockloc of the image to true and set its size to something smaller without losing the original. You can always set it back to its original size later if you need to. You might get better clarity scaling it in a dedicated graphics program though, it depends on the image. LiveCode doesn't do a bad job with scaling.
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