Tooltips not closing with change of app focus on OSX - bug?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Mar 12 11:29:36 EST 2011

Keith Clarke wrote:
 > Does anyone else notice that open tooltips fail to close when the
 > focus moves from LiveCode (IDE or a stand alone) to another app
 > on OSX?
 > Is this a new bug - I can't see anything obviously related on the
 > QA forum?

Confirmed:  If I hover the mouse over the LC IDE's Tools palette and 
wait for the tooltip to appear, then Cmd+Tab to another app, the tooltip 
does indeed stay visible.  However, as soon as I move the mouse the 
tooltip hides as expected; it may be that because the mouse must remain 
stationary to see this behavior that it hasn't been discussed much.

If this isn't in the RQCC it might be good to add it, since I suspect it 
would be an easy fix to add suspend to the actions that dismiss a 
tooltip and would give the app a more polish feeling.

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