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Fri Mar 11 23:54:42 EST 2011

Hi Bob,

If the icon still shows up as the icon of the button, you still have the image - 
at least the icon-size one.

Try this script in a new button and see what you get:
on mouseUp
    ask file "Save as PNG:"
    if it = empty then exit to top
    put the icon of btn "myButtonWithMissingIcon" into x
    export image ID x to file it as PNG
end mouseUp

Now you should have a PNG file you can edit.

If you want to scale it, results will improve if you change its resolution to 
<whateverItIsNow> * 10, then scale it, then restore the original resolution. At 
least that's how I do it and I get better results than doing a straight 'scale'. 
(I use GraphicConverter for this)

More than you wanted to know - Happy Weekend -

On 3/11/11 8:24 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have a button with an icon. The icon is too big and I don't have the image anymore so I cannot photoshop it. I want to make the button about half the size and have the icon scale with it. Is this possible? Changing th size of the button only clips the icon image.
> Bob
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