Standalone problem

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Mar 11 12:36:19 EST 2011

On 3/10/11 11:18 AM, edward cawley wrote:
> Thank you much Jacque, I'm almost there. I made the changes you
> suggested and I have one remaining problem.
> If I run it off the shared disk in VM Fusion it works fine, but if I
> move the app and associated files<Misippfiles>  to the C drive on the
> students laptops, or on the C drive on the Windows OS on the VM
> Fusion, the last 60 files in the<Misippfiles>  folder do not
> transfer. I have 300 small files on the folder, is there some limit
> on how many files can be in a folder in Windows? If not any ideas why
> they do not transfer? Is it a Window problem or a VM problem?

As somebody mentioned, it could be a permissions problem. Can you copy 
the files manually? That would be a good test. Is there enough room on 
the drive? A virtual device may not have enough room. I don't think 
there's a folder limit.

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