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Thu Mar 10 12:18:14 EST 2011

Thank you much Jacque, I'm almost there.
I made the changes you suggested and I have one remaining problem.

If I run it off the shared disk in VM Fusion it works fine, but if I move the app and associated files <Misippfiles> to the C drive on the students laptops, or on the C drive on the Windows OS on the VM Fusion, the last 60 files in the <Misippfiles> folder do not transfer. I have 300 small files on the folder, is there some limit on how many files can be in a folder in Windows? If not any ideas why they do not transfer? Is it a Window problem or a VM problem?

Thanks again.

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> On 3/8/11 9:11 PM, edward cawley wrote:
>> I modified Francis code as follows:
>>  put the platform into  GVHoldPlatform
>>    if GVHoldPlatform = "MacOS" then
>>       put "misippfiles/" into GVStackPath -- No leading drive on the  Mac.
>>    end if
>>    if GVHoldPlatform = "Win32" then
>>       --     System 7 patch to ensure using the Systems Disk for  "StackPath" on PC's
>>       put item 1 of specialfolderpath("system")&   "/misippfiles/"into  GVStackPath-- Get Stack Path with Disk ID.
>>       replace "WINDOWS/" with empty in  GVStackPath       -- Remove Windows Folder Name.
>>    end if
> You've got a mix of relative and absolute paths there. For MacOS, it's 
> relative. When your app starts up, assuming you haven't changed the 
> defaultfolder, the place it is going to look for files is in the same 
> folder with the standalone. Your path points to a folder called 
> "missippfiles" inside the standalone folder.
> For the Windows segment, the script gets an absolute path to the system 
> folder at the root of the drive, and looks for your "missippfiles" 
> folder next to that. I'm betting you aren't storing images there on Windows.
> You can use the same folder path for both Mac and Windows. Your image 
> files are always going to be relative to where your standalone is no 
> matter which drive holds it, so you don't care about the drive letter. 
> It isn't necessary to check for platform, just use this for all 
> operating systems:
>   put "misippfiles/" into GVStackPath
> Put your "misippfiles" folder right next to your standalone, inside the 
> same enclosing folder.
> Be aware that if any of your scripts change the defaultfolder, the paths 
> won't work any more if you are calculating them on the fly. It would be 
> a good idea to store GVStackPath in a variable early after startup so 
> you can use it later, since it isn't going to change. If the scripts 
> never change the defaultfolder, then you probably don't even need to do 
> that.
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