Speeding the transition between cards

eps11 at mac.com eps11 at mac.com
Wed Mar 9 03:13:04 EST 2011

Hi all,

Thank you for your answers. And sorry if my answer appears as a new thread, I can't seem to understand how to just post an answer in an existing thread...

I am using effects for very fast transitions between cards, but the problem is the same: whatever the effect, the card loads quickly enough if it holds a main image and other smaller images that I use as buttons, but it loads more slowly if it holds too many images or buttons. As I am creating an ecomic with a thumbnails bar that should appear on the click of a button, I solved the "too many buttons" problem by creating a whole card for all the thumbnails. It is visually less exciting but it will do if I don't find a solution.

Now, the scripts slowing down the displaying of the cards is a more tricky problem. The problem occurs only with cards holding 480x720 images and the Thumbnails card. I had to allow the user to scroll the image, as it will be displayed in a 320x480 iPhone, and to scroll the Thumbnails card. For this, I simply copied and pasted the script from the Scroller Example stack (in the Livecode folder), and tweaked it a little so that it works for my cards. As the Thumbnails card holds this script only (and a lot of images I use as buttons...), it seems to be mostly this script that is slowing down the displaying of the cards. Do you have ideas about what we could add to the script that would speed up the process?


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