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Tue Mar 8 10:07:48 EST 2011

Malte, are you looking for a general solution to problems such as this:

"Tom is younger than Rose, but older than Will and Jack, in that order. Rose
is younger than Susie, but older than Jack. Jack is younger than Jim. Susie
is older than Rose, but younger than Jim. Jim is older than Tom. Who is the

 ~ Chris Innanen
 ~ Nonsanity

On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 8:15 AM, Malte Brill <revolution at> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> this is over my head. I have a problem I can not tackle alone, so please
> let me scream for help...
> Imagine a group of kids:
> Paul,Peter,Fritz,Madeleine,Joanne (and any additional number of kids)
> I want to programmatically test on age relations of those kids:
> e.g. Peter is older than Paul, Joanne is the same age as Paul.
> Now I want to be able to test if the statement Joanne is older than Peter
> (or same age, or younger) are valid or not.
> I will need to be able to do this for all kids in the group. Any ideas on
> how to tackle that???
> Cheers,
> Malte
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