Newbie: how to start with this iOS project

John R. Brauer drjohn at
Sat Mar 5 20:28:01 EST 2011


Thanks for the suggestions. I will start reading about these things your mentioned. 

> No databases yet in iOS; no externals at all in fact, although they're 
> coming. But if most of your content is static I don't think I'd bother 
> with one anyway. I'd store the images in a folder on disk and set file 
> references to all the image objects on the cards so they load. Using 
> external image files is more efficient in iOS and is recommended, so 
> don't import the images as controls.
> You can use LiveCode's built-in search capabilities for finding stuff. 
> You might want to add a hidden keyword field on each card if the display 
> text doesn't contain all the possible search words.
> For user notes, you'll need to store the user's entries in a text file 
> in one of the "approved" Apple folders, probably Documents. Writing and 
> reading from text files is a one-line operation if you use the url 
> syntax and is also very easy. Read the file in whenever the user wants 
> to see or edit their notes, and put it into a field. Save it back to the 
> text file when they're done.
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