On-Rev antispam (& reCAPTCHA)

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Sat Mar 5 10:54:59 EST 2011

you might do what Sarah did: create a simple handler to create, randomize
and ask a math problem to enter:

What is 6+3 ? <entry field>  <submit button>

easily done in php or rev server and requires a human to work


On 5 March 2011 07:46, Medard <liste.revo at medard.on-rev.com> wrote:

> Bonjour !
> After all, on my modest On-Rev blog, I am beginning to get some spam ;->
> In my blog, comments are written to separate text files -- so it's easy
> to delete and regenerate them when they are filled with spam ;-)
> But it is turning into a tedious work!
> I thought of a "reCAPTCHA" solution (now owned by Google), but it seems
> a little laborious -- and mostly I don't understand exactly how to
> operate with On-Rev...
> The "client" side is quite clear (a form with some script statements),
> but I don't see how to code the "server" side...
> They do have some sample code, but not too much -- and no "irev" code,
> only PHP code (I am willing to do that in irev code)
> Searching the Nabble archives, I saw that Pierre "Wo...ords" used some
> antispam, but he seems to be using a simpler solution (number of chars
> of the email address)
> What are your thoughts about that?
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