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On 3/4/11 12:24 PM, John R. Brauer wrote:
> Hello,
> I am relatively new to LiveCode and totally new to iOS.

Glad you made it here.

> I have a
> project that I would like to do and need suggestions about how to
> begin and how to do the data structure for it. The project would be
> similar to the Audubon Bird program on iOS (although the content is
> not about birds); I would like the same search capabilities (enter
> parameters on a variety of fields; color, size, habitat, etc.) and
> would like suggestions about how to start... would this be a database
> endeavor, etc. Can databases be used in iOS projects? I would like
> for the content to be stored in-app; no need for internet connection
> to use it. The used would not need to be able to enter or alter the
> data provided by the app, although there is another part of the same
> app where I would like the user to be able to store their own notes,
> sort of akin to the Life List aspect of the Audubon app. What would
> you all suggest, so that I can know where to start reading?

No databases yet in iOS; no externals at all in fact, although they're 
coming. But if most of your content is static I don't think I'd bother 
with one anyway. I'd store the images in a folder on disk and set file 
references to all the image objects on the cards so they load. Using 
external image files is more efficient in iOS and is recommended, so 
don't import the images as controls.

You can use LiveCode's built-in search capabilities for finding stuff. 
You might want to add a hidden keyword field on each card if the display 
text doesn't contain all the possible search words.

For user notes, you'll need to store the user's entries in a text file 
in one of the "approved" Apple folders, probably Documents. Writing and 
reading from text files is a one-line operation if you use the url 
syntax and is also very easy. Read the file in whenever the user wants 
to see or edit their notes, and put it into a field. Save it back to the 
text file when they're done.

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