Backscript behavior

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If I have this in a button script:

on mouseUp
end mouseUp

and this in a stack script:

on checkBack
   put ""
   wait 20
   put  random(99)
end checkBack

and then insert that stack script into back, I still only get one random number. Is that what you meant, that you might get two?

And by the way, answers are what we expect from you, not questions.


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Somebody preserve my sanity here...if a stack script is inserted into the back, and you happen to be working in that stack, are called handlers executed twice? 
I'm getting some weird results. The message watcher says they aren't, and lists only one call for each handler. But the debugger steps through each one twice. 
I'm inclined to think it's a debugger issue, but if not, it would explain some weird behaviors I'm seeing in my stack. 
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