How to develop and deploy with ListMagic within the GLX application framework?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Mar 4 11:34:12 EST 2011

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for confirming that this behaviour is not coming from the GLX framework. 
Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and replace my simple ListMagic controls with data grids - and learn how to drive them and DGH properly! ;-)  

On 4 Mar 2011, at 15:25, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> The framework never tries to visually open (using 'go stack') any stacks
> that you add to it. It only loads the stack files into memory by executing
> the following code:
> if there is a stack PATH_TO_STACK_FILE...
> If a stack file is marked as being a library then the framework will also
> issue the "start using" command for the stack and substacks in the stack
> file.
> There must be some code somewhere else that is opening the window (either in
> the ListMagic code or your code).

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