How to develop and deploy with ListMagic within the GLX application framework?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Mar 4 07:07:27 EST 2011

Hi folks,
Is there a trick to have the GLX application framework launcher load ListMagic in the background but not open its admin window?  

If ListMagic.rev isn't open whilst working on my app in the IDE, debug errors are thrown when the mouse enters any ListMagic fields. So, I've added ListMagic to the GLX Application configuration as a stack, with 'Required' and 'Load at Startup' set to prevent the debug errors. However, as ListMagic has substacks, it has to be loaded as a Window, which mean that the ListMagic configuration window opens.

This is an inconvenience during development but I need to prevent this once the app gets deployed as a stand-alone.

What am I missing here?

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