Just starting out in iOs and LiveCode

Steve Jones stevejones at mac.com
Thu Mar 3 17:35:32 EST 2011


I am a novice LiveCode user, and even more so to the iOS environment.  I used RuntimeRevolution for a bit, and before that SuperCard and HyperCard so I am not completely lost.  But I did have a question on the best methodology to use for a project I have started working on to use as a learning project with LiveCode iOS.

I work for a non-profit theatre and am attempting to build an iPhone app for them.  My question concerns the best way to update content.  Some sections of the app will be static info.  But other sections, like UPCOMING EVENTS the content will change as new events are added and old ones go past.  This could probably be done via app updates, but I doubt that will be timely enough. So I am wondering if there is a way that content (such as text and small images) can be pulled up via the internet and inserted into a "layout" in the app?  I know I can load a web page thru the app, but then I have to maintain a web page AND an app.  It would be great to have just the pieces I need to update pulled offline and "inserted" into the app.  I know this would be problematic for those w/ no internet access.

Is this doable?  Even allowed by Apple?  Any recommendation on how to get started on such a section?

I know apps like "We Rule" and all the news and reader apps add content when they load, so it must be doable.



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