GLX application framework: application stacks and .dat files?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Thu Mar 3 10:37:06 EST 2011

Thanks for the response - sorted! This was the key question that led me to the fix. 
> * Is "admin" the name of the main stack that is stored in your app.rev stack
> file in memory?

I had the Application stack's kProgramStackName pointing at the name of the .rev file I had added within the Stacks and Externals configuration dialogue, rather than the main stack name *within* this file.

Now that I understand this subtle difference in terminology between 'stack and 'stack file', might I suggest an enhancement to this lesson to help future readers? 

It would really aid clarity if an example application was shown through the steps, alongside the default files to be deleted. Perhaps an .rev file called, say, 'my_new_app.rev' and its main stack, called 'my_main_stack', with the following tweaks(?):

1. Move Your Stack Files into Application Directory: 
Add a 'my_new_app.rev' file in the finder, under the program.dat file; identifying in the the notes, (1) the file added and (2) program.dat to be deleted.

2. Update Application Stacks: 
Show the added .rev file to show that it's OK to have files that don't have a .dat suffix 
(I was trying to open the .rev bundle on OSX to extract individual stack files, before I realised that 'stack file' was not an individual stack, extracted as a 'stack.dat' file but rather, a 'file of stacks' or more simply, a '.rev' file!)

3. Edit kProgramStackName Constant: 
Extend the first sentence to read ' match the name of the main program stack, for example, 'my_main_stack'.

BTW I had read the lesson on the purpose of the various '.dat' files - my question was more regarding why '.dat' rather than .rev, etc?

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