Pete pete at
Thu Jun 30 15:24:11 CDT 2011

Just started using these beasts and not getting very far.

The dictionary entry for combobox says "Using the text box at the top of the
combo box, the user can specify a state that is not in the menu's list of
states. "  What text box does that refer to? How do I type a new value into
a combobox?  Just highlight the current value then type?

I have a behavior script associated with the combobox with handlers for
closeField and menuPick.  The menuPick message seems to be the same as you
would get from an optionMenu, closeField is a different story.

In a behvaior script for a field control, using "me" would refer to the
fiele control, but in my combobox behavior script, it referes to the button
of the combobox, not the field.   Using "the target" seems to refer to the
field, but if I do something like "put the text of the target", I get
nothing - I would expect to get the text the user just typed into the field.
 How do I get hold of the text the user just typed in, for example to set
the menuhistory using a lineOffset function?


Molly's Revenge <>

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