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Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Jun 29 17:53:40 EDT 2011

I went from a 80 col card programmer in 1973 though OS and CGI development
in the 1980-1990s to VB6 and Java today. I'm new to Livecode (1 month) So go
easy on me. I see this a rough crowd, but some help by pointing me in the
right direction would be appreciated.

My apps for both Android and IOS will access SQLite databases. The app is
coming along fine in the IDE (database access and such). I am in the process
testing on Android. After Android I will start testing on IOS. So these
question are Android related but IOS comments would be appreciated.

1) I have a splash screen that displays an image using the image control.
Works fine the in IDE, but is blank when run on the Android HW. Image file
is obviously not available to the app on the HW. The image file is in the
apk file. How is this referenced to work in both the IDE and HW?
2) I included both the db and splash screen image in the "Copy Files" tab of
standalone app setting. They are both in the apk file. When I browse the apk
file after installation in the elusive "data/app" folder and browse the apk
files "assets" folder the db and splash screen files are there. The real
question is how to move the db to the equally elusive
"/data/app/myapp/files" folder on install for R/W access. I put a copy there
manually for testing my app. I can access the db using the
specialFolderPath("documents") path. The
specialFolderPath("engine")&"/assets" path should point to the apk's assets
folder but I having no luck during the openstack event coping the files
myself to the "/data/app/myapp/files" folder for R/W access.
3) What type of menu will use the native menu picker(slide with finger) on
the Android? I see that to use the native view in IOS the menu picker or
some such thing must be used. I will go there later. For now Android is the
4) Are there some example of resizing the stack for various screen sizes? I
have read the grouping of objects is helpful. I also imagine the
portrait/landscape requires some planning so resizing is practical in both
orientations. I have seen some resizing code but it is not completely clear
to me.
5) Does anyone know when GPS access on the Android will be available? Is
there a workaround?
6) Can you get runtime errors when running on the Android HW? Now all I get
is nothing.
8) How do you install app on SD card?
9) Are there any LC APIs for GPS coordinate proximity to zip codes?

I know this is a lot of questions. I have been reading and hacking 24/7 for
a month now and app is almost complete except for these issues.
Thanks in advance for any insight!!!!!!!

Ralph DiMola

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