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Thierry Douez th.douez at
Wed Jun 29 08:19:35 EDT 2011


Only 2 days left to benefit from the introductory price for SunnYmidi.

SunnYmidi is a MacOsX external which offers LiveCode coders
a set of commands to play MIDI notes.

- You can select up to 250 instruments
- You can play up to 16 simultaneous notes  (16 channels)
- All commands are asynchronous

If you already have a game or critical real-time stack
(for instance with a lot of animation),
you can add any SunnYmidi command into your script
and your animation will still act as before.
You don't need to bother about any latency or synchronisation.

Roadmap for SunnYmidi:

    - iOs platform
    - manage SoundFiles
    - manage Midi Destinations (live Midi)
    - add sysex command
    - load/record Midi files
    - ABC to LiveCode translator

Today, I've still not decided which new functionnalities
I'll start coding. So, for all those who are in need of one of them,
drop me a line - you could help me to choose the one to start with.

You can also download  from :

     -   a full working Demo tutorial of SunnYmidi

     -   SunnYabc Demo
         an ABC Tunes player (only MacOsX).
            (formely MaestroJunior presented
             at  revLive.09 Conference)

and from from Rev-online :

   -   SunnYbeep
       a fun alternative to the beep command,
       and more, it's free!  (only MacOsX)

Kind regards,

Thierry Douez
------------------- - freelance consultant/developer

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