can't get rid of menu bar in Windows

Slava Paperno slava at
Wed Jun 29 01:02:04 EDT 2011

Thanks, Ken. So there's nothing magical about the Menu Builder--it's only a
handy device for making and grouping buttons. And "set the menubar of this
stack to X" doesn't change the behavior of the stack--it's only a pointer. I
got it.

I must still be doing something wrong because now that I have this scripts
in the openStack handler, the only menu I see in Mac OS X is the default
one, with About... and Quit. None of my grouped buttons is turned into a

set the menubar of this stack to empty --no menu bar is used in Windows, but
there is a hidden group "MainMenu" on card "MainCard" that is used for the
system menu in Mac OS X

if the platform is "MacOS" then
   set the defaultMenubar to group "MainMenu" of card "MainCard" of this
   set the defaultMenubar to empty
end if
I know that group "MainMenu" is well-formed because when I do activate it,
all menus work fine on both Windows and Mac. So something else is missing...


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> ... the best way to make this happen is to hide the group
> that should be used for your menubar on MacOS, set the menubar of the
> to empty, move all of your other controls on the card up 22 pixels, and
> then set the *defaultMenuBar* to the hidden menu bar group.
> Note that the defaultMenuBar is a global property, not a stack
> property.

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