two images with the same ID

Slava Paperno slava at
Tue Jun 28 02:04:20 CDT 2011

When I imported an image into a substack, it was given the same ID as
another image in another substack. When I tried to assign one of these
images as an icon to a button, the wrong image was assigned, and the button
didn't look like what I wanted it to look. The two images have different
short and long names, but as far as I could tell, only the numerical ID are
used to assign an image as an icon to a button. So I was stuck.

I resolved this by importing the image again, so it was given a new, unique
ID. Now I have the same image imported twice. It's not a big problem because
the image is small, but I wonder if this is a normal situation, and if not,
how would you resolve it in a smarter way?



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