ANN: WordLib 1.5 Goes Mobile with Document Import

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Mon Jun 27 01:53:13 EDT 2011

Import Microsoft Word and Open Office documents in your iPhone and iPad 
apps! WordLib 1.5 brings iOS support to the LiveCode add-on library for 
document import. New users can get started easily with the included 
desktop and mobile examples, plus an extensive user guide. Existing 
users will be happy to download the free update and move into mobile 
document import. This release also provides easier and simpler 
installation of the library into project stacks.

Missouri-based LiveCode developer and consultant Curry Kenworthy 
believes this is an important step for the add-on library. "If you 
haven't used WordLib before, the concept is simple: import word 
processing documents to your app with one or two lines of code. You 
specify a document and a field, and it's done. Now mobile apps are 
empowered too!"

WordLib is written 100% in LiveCode and uses direct, original algorithms 
for powerful document translation. Virtually all document formatting 
features supported by LiveCode field controls are handled during import, 
including fonts, text styles, colors, highlighting, links, images, 
tables, bullets, footnotes, and more.

WordLib is available at the RunRev Store and at the CurryK page:

Curry Kenworthy offers consulting and coding for large and small 
software development projects around the world, along with LiveCode 

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