the object Type of me?

Pete pete at
Sun Jun 26 15:40:16 EDT 2011

Finding out that a control is a button is often just the starting point - I
needed to know what type of button it was - push button, default button,
option menu button, combobox button, a popup menu button, checkbox, radio
button, tab control, etc.  If you need to be that specific,  in addition to
checking word 1 of the abbrev name, you have to check the style and menumode
properties to figure all that out.

Molly's Revenge <>

On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 7:59 AM, Slava Paperno <slava at>wrote:

> Right! Thanks, man,
> S.
> >getProp controlType
> >    return word 1 of the name of the target
> > end controlType
> ...
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