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Bill Vlahos bvlahos at mac.com
Sun Jun 26 11:02:13 CDT 2011

Iconmenu doesn't show up in the dictionary. How can I find more information on it?

Bill Vlahos
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On Jun 23, 2009, at 4:12 AM, jim sims wrote:

>> I was hoping to use the icon menu part and not the changing icon part.
>> It seems that the menu has issues after it has been used a time or two and simply stops working. At first (as is my usual suspicion) I thought it must be my scripting, but after reading the list archives and seeing Sarah's words:
>> Anyway, I hope my experience will save others from wasting their time
>> - the dock icon works fine, but don't bother trying to make a menu :-(
>> If Sarah wasn't getting it to work then my attempts stopped right there.
>> Too bad, would be a great feature.
> I sent the above a few days ago, I want to add to it so anyone searching the archives will get a more complete story. The archives are my friends - Archives is Good.
> Sarah was kind enough to check her code and found this:
> Checking through my scripts again, I found this at the very end of the
> iconMenuPick handler:
>   -- this is essential to make the normal menus work
>   set the iconmenu to empty
> end iconMenuPick
> As she states, it does seem to be essential - in any event my icon menu now works fine.
> sims
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