ANN: PowerTools

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sat Jun 25 00:13:15 EDT 2011


Finally! I'm pleased to announce the release of PowerTools version
1.0. PowerTools is a drop-in replacement for the standard IDE tools
palette. It works on OSX, Windows, and linux in LiveCode and MetaCard
environments. It's been in beta test for over a year, and I am deeply
appreciative for all the feedback the beta testers have provided over
that time - this thing has only gotten better and better. I think it's
now just about everything I want in a tools palette.

Why bother? The tools palette has grown long in the tooth. The only
change to it over the last ten years has been the addition of the
datagrid. I always wanted to add my own controls to the tools palette
but never could (I think Ken Ray has done something along this line as
well <g>). And the graphics tools needed an update. For instance, each
graphic and paint tool now remembers its settings - you can have
different colors or patterns or gradients settings for each tool.

PowerTools widgets are mostly DropTools-compatible. Properly formed
DropTools can be used with PowerTools, and properly formed widgets can
be used with DropTools. Ken Ray and I have worked to ensure maximum
compatibility with few differences - the main idea here is to provide
a platform for the exchange of custom controls with other users. In
addition you can organize your widgets into folders, and turning your
custom controls into usable and sharable widgets is very easy.

A trial version has been posted to revOnline. It is fully functional,
but will annoyingly revert back to the standard tools palette at
random intervals and prompt you to purchase a real copy. RevOnline
won't allow me to post a widgets archive, just a stack, so you can
pick up sample widgets at

Place both the plugin and the PowerTools Widgets folder in your user
plugins directory and you're good to go.

...and some documentation is starting to appear at

Did I mention that the introductory price is way too low?
Take a look:

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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