force exit of mouseDown?

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Fri Jun 24 10:01:17 EDT 2011

> In what way?

mouseStillDown, for example. When part of a script set as a behavior,
mouseStillDown would not work. But that same script with the same
mouseStillDown handler, when actually stored as a button's script,
worked as expected.

One other thing I noticed during development and had thought due to my
uncertain knowledge about the various mouse-related handlers, was that
I couldn't rely on "me" but had to be more specific. Something like
"put the short name of the owner of me into tGroup; if the flag of
button "theButton" of group tGroup is...", rather than simply "if the
flag of me is...".

Anyway. I doubt I will ever rely on behaviors again. And I don't feel
confident enough with my programming skills to present this to LC as
something like a bug. Cause I have been known to be wrong -- though
not about mouseStillDown working now when it wasn't before.


Nicolas Cueto

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